5 news to improve your business through FB

Currently 1.6 billion people establish some contact with small local businesses through Facebook, which is why the social network has become a tool for their growth.

Therefore, in order to bring these businesses closer to new buyers, Facebook launched updates on various free tools.

These are the 5 updates:

1. The Stories arrive at Pages
Pages, the Facebook application for the management of business pages and companies from mobile devices, in which it is possible to view photos, check upcoming events and buy. With the update, businesses will be able to create Stories such as a personal profile and thus create engagement with their followers.

2. Update of the recommendations
The recommendations will be optimized in such a way that it will be easier to access the pages of various businesses close to the user. With the update will be more visible in the Facebook timeline to grow the flow of users.

3. Sale of tickets for events
Now businesses can sell tickets for their activities from the page they created on Facebook for their event. This aims to double the sales of tickets for business compared to when only the sale of tickets on a website is made.

4. Link between employees and SMEs
The Jobs tool will also be updated on a global scale so that people can access offers from companies that use Facebook to promote their products through a page.

5. More geolocation
Facebook premieres Local, a function in which the user will discover, thanks to geolocation, the most recommended businesses around him, such as restaurants and shops, as well as the opinions of other buyers.

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