This pack will allow you to automate your sales channel, just like the big companies. This circuit goes from the promotion of your product or service, including the customer purchase process, to the delivery of your customers, without you having to lift a finger. A very powerful system that has proven itself and sells literally for you, while putting your energy and time on other aspects of your business.

  • Automation of (tunnel) sale,
  • Automation of your customer relationship (auto-responder),
  • Automating the workflow of your activities

This pack includes reports and analytical follow-ups of your progress, market trend analysis, analysis of your customers’ trends, highlighting the success of a product or not in order to adjust and optimize the product. automation to the expectations of your customers.

If you want an accompaniment where you will be followed from A to Z, our determination pack is the most complete pack. It covers your strategy, the management of your project through the automation of your sales, the optimization of your organization, your digital marketing, your visibility on the web.

Check out our Determination Pack, here.

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